Chairing Meetings Training

Running Effective Meetings That Get Results

With is chairing effective meetings 1-day in-house course where you will learn what to do before, during and after your meetings to make them a success.

You will discover the skills, techniques and strategies to plan, lead and participate effectively in meetings of all kinds: from impromptu, on the spot discussions between colleagues, to formal presentations and meetings with external suppliers or clients.

Learn how to keep your meetings under control and how to ensure that those with plenty to say or kept in check!

You’ll cover techniques on how to focus on getting actions from your meetings and how to follow up on them effectively.

Indicative Content

Understanding Effective Meetings

  • Understanding the structure of effective meetings
  • Defining your role in the meeting and understanding the role of others
  • Gathering information and planning the meeting
  • Producing and scheduling the agenda
  • Setting clear objectives and communicating these effectively

Conducting Effective Meetings & Leading Group Discussions

  • Creating the right environment for the discussion
  • Managing the participation of others
  • Leading the communication and driving the focus of the meeting
  • Remaining conscious of timings without rushing or pressuring the discussion

Dealing With Challenging People & Situations

  • Understanding what challenging situations you might face
  • Being calm, objective and keeping an open mind
  • Dealing with aggression and other difficult, emotional reactions
  • Tackling conflict-driven behaviour by choosing a different perspective

Bringing The Meeting/Discussion To A Close

  • Turning negative situations into positive outcomes
  • Bringing the situation to a conclusion and moving on
  • Summarising and reviewing outcomes
  • Identifying and clarifying the decisions
  • Managing action points/plans following the meeting