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You Too Can Learn More To Increase Your Knowledge, Your Expertise And Brighten Your Career.

New Idea Management Consultants in collaboration with the London Graduate School (in partnership with a number of UNESCO-Listed Universities), including the Azteca University, Mexico and the Business University of Costa Rica, is excited about opportunities created for leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs to study on their own, at home and at your own pace, and earn a recognized university degree.

Here are the opportunities

  • If you already have a PhD or Master’s Degree, you can select a new area to extend your expertise. It is possible to earn a PhD from a UNESCO-Listed University by research and course work through distance learning. A Post-Doctoral Degree is also possible if you already have a PhD Degree
  • If you already have a Bachelor’s Degree, here is a unique opportunity to earn a Master’s Degree in your own field without disrupting your career and family life. You can study in the comfort of your home and earn a world-class education without interrupting your career. After gaining your Master’s Degree, you can proceed to the PhD programme, still while working and studying at your own pace.
  • If you are well educated and experienced but you do not have a University degree, here is a golden opportunity for you to acquire your own degree using your experience and job-related training courses. You will have the opportunity to TOP-UP your education by taking courses in selected, relevant areas and writing a dissertation on a problem in your work place. So, you are guided to identify a problem in your work place, outline the issues involved, the problem(s) and cause(s), and then propose solutions. This report will be very useful to the management of your organization. In education and learning parlance, this is called Work-Based Learning.
  • You may be a fully qualified professional such as a chartered accountant, an engineer, a medical doctor, you name it. If, for instance, you wish to do a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree to acquire new knowledge in a particular field, you will be granted credit for what you have already learnt. We call this Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). You will then proceed to submit academic/professional papers on your new area of interest or knowledge extension. With hard work and consistent study, a TOP-UP Programme may take between six to twelve months to complete for someone who already holds a degree level qualification such as ACA and HND.
  • Optional Executive Development Course with Harvard, or Wharton Business School (University of Pennsylvania), or MIT Cambridge. Our faculty will gladly serve as your Consultant/Adviser to facilitate your registration and participation in your chosen programme with any of these top universities. The role of our faculty will be to assist you to register for any course of your choice with the specific university of your preference. Possible courses are wide ranging and may include topics such as Leadership, Marketing Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, Project Management, etc. These are short courses, lasting between four to twelve weeks (longer in some cases) which you can complete at your own pace. No doubt, a qualification from any of these top universities can be an excellent icing on the cake for your CV or profile. This aspect is optional, and it attracts additional charges.

Tuition Fees

  1. Bachelor Degree USD 6,000
  2. Master’s Degree USD 7,000
  3. PhD Degree USD 8,500

Post-Doctoral Degree-Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.), Doctor of Science, (D.Sc.) USD 8,500

The Internet And Computer Technology Have Made Learning So Much Easier.
The internet and other communication technologies have combined to change the way many things are done today. Education is one of the areas where the internet has made learning to be delivered effectively through distance learning. You too can use the internet to learn more to increase your knowledge, increase your expertise and brighten your career.

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