Professional Development Workshop for University Lecturers


The Professional Development & Global Best Practice Workshop for University Lecturers is designed to be interactive, focusing on exploring the interrelationship between learning and teaching. The workshop has been created to help academics improve the ways to approach, design and deliver teaching sessions in a range of contexts. The aim is to develop their personal and professional skills in higher education.

Who Should Attend?

All academic staff and postgraduate researchers who are currently involved in teaching and/or the support of learning at the University,

and who would like the opportunity to develop greater understanding of their role within the learning environment.

Key Topics

  1. Technology-enhanced learning
  2. Mentorship: supervisors, students and researchers
  3. Decision Making for Professionals in Education
  4. Scholarly Publications
  5. Educational research and evaluation
  6. Effective Time Management for Academics
  7. Creativity in teaching
  8. Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills for Higher Education Professionals
  9. Learning and teaching design
  10. The Power of Teamwork
  11. Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make
  12. Managing Research Teams
  13. Content and Knowledge Management
  14. The Web, Academic Research and Referencing Internet Sources
  15. Project Management Fundamentals for Higher Education Professionals
  16. Mobile Marketing Essentials
  17. Emotional Intelligence for Higher Education Professionals
  18. Ethical Issues Confronting Practitioners in Education
  19. Guidelines for Critiquing Research Articles
  20. Effective PowerPoint Presentations: Updates for Higher Education Professionals
  21. Online Reputation Management

Seminar Objectives

At the end of the seminar, participants should be able to:

  1. Manage their own professional development and improve their everyday teaching.
  2. Minimise workload pressures and create a seamless lecturing experience
  1. Explore endorsed and other resources that are available to support teaching and how to use these in planning
  2. Share experience from a range of teaching ideas and approaches
  3. Demonstrate online skills for 21st century academics
  1. Engage with a strong work ethic and a team player with high standards
  2. Keep your research project on track
  3. Identify irresponsible conduct in research
  4. Explain the responsibilities that supervisors, students and researchers have when they enter into a mentoring relationship.
  5. Distinguish between research integrity and research ethics
  6. Discuss the factors that should be considered when making decisions on when and how to publish
  7. List key factors when selecting a journal
  8. List the types of plagiarism and how to avoid it
  9. Manage your time and effectiveness
  10. Create purposeful presentations
  11. Build trust and reduce resistance to change
  12. Integrate leadership development and succession planning systems
  13. Identify the top ten mistakes leaders make
  14. Learn how to build a high-performance team
  15. Consider methods of dealing with conflicts between team members

Workshop Methodology

To acknowledge individual participants’ different learning styles, the training course uses a wide range of training methodology. Accordingly, the training course leaders will encourage active participation to capitalise on existing experience and expertise, plus the use of:
• Role plays
• Readings/case studies
• Psychometric questionnaires
• Group exercises and discussions

US$5,500.00. The fee covers the tuition, seminar materials, tea, snacks and lunch during the seminar sessions.


Master Class Certificate in Academic & Professional Development








September 28-29, 2023

October 24-26, 2023

November 28-30, 2023

December 5-7, 2023

December 12-14, 2023


$ 5,500    Book Now

$ 5,500    Book Now

$ 5,500    Book Now

$ 5,500    Book Now

$ 5,500    Book Now